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Deluxe Gel Tech Kit includes: Cuticle Remover, Brush on Dehydrator, Bonder, 15g Base, 15g Pink, 30g Clear, 30g Extreme White, 30g Natural Cover , Ultimate Gloss top coat, Super Sparkle top coat, Cuticle Oil & 10pk files. 


Brush on Dehydrator is designed to clean and dehydrate the nail plate prior to the product application of choice to ensure super adhesion. This is an excellent product for using on nail biters or clients with an oily nail plate. Once you have prepped the nail. Be sure to remove all dust and cleanse. Brush on dehydrator can then be applied before your trilogy Acid Free Primer or Trilogy Bonder to ensure you have removed all excess nails from the nail plate.

Bonder is to be used prior to the application of your Diamond Base Gel to really boost adhesion. Best used after Brush on dehydrator to ensure all excess oils are removed from the nail plate before the Bonder is applied.

Base Gel Trilogy Base Gel is formulated to have a very low exothermic reaction (heat spike). Paired up with Trilogy Bonder - the duo gives the perfect base to prevent lifting on gel enhancements. 

Core Gels Fabulously formulated to keep up to the Trilogy standard - The hypoallergenic formula really does put it in a league of its own. Using the latest in technology to create a wonderful medium viscosity builder gel which is highly durable and extremely easy to apply with the added ease of being self levelling. Natural Cover and Extreme White are highly pigmented to ensure the perfect coverage. 

All gels have the added feature of being Hypoallergenic

Ultimate Gloss Trilogy's Number 1 mirror shine, tack free top coat. With a SCRATCH PROOF formula to make it stand out from the rest. Non yellowing formula guarantees the perfect wear for clients.

Super Sparkle Trilogy's ultra fine and super sparkly glitter tack free top coat. High shine and non yellow formula.  

Cuticle Remover is a highly effective product designed to soften and remove excess cuticle. Apply the cuticle remover at the start of the treatment to allow the product to work. Once you reach the cuticle area, you will find cuticles much easier to push back and remove any excess cuticle. Once cuticles have been maintained, it is advised to use our dehydrator spray along with brush on dehydrator to remove any oils left on the nail after cleansing. For optimum results, use Trilogy Cuticle Oil at the end of the treatment to really nourish the cuticle.

Cuticle Oil is a gorgeous almond fragranced cuticle oil that protects, nourishes, moisturises and conditions the nail and cuticle. Massage gently into the nailbed and cuticle area to perfectly finish off your treatment. For best results, use alongside Trilogy Cuticle Remover. 

Files perfect half moon shaped file with a straight edge for refining shape and side walls, leaving your half moon to get closer to the cuticle and minimise catching. The files are extremely easy to use and are hard wearing. 100/100 grit

All gels have a cure time of  1min LED / 2 min UV

Each pot comes heat sealed and with an additional inner lid for you to place in the pot if desired. 

Deluxe Gel Tech Kit
16000 18900

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