8200 10400


Tech Kit - 4x 60g Core Powder & 250ml Monomer

A choice of 3 kits:

  • 60g Pink, White, Clear, Cover Pink & 250ml Monomer
  • 60g White, Cover Pink, Natural Cover Pink, Soft Shell & 250ml Monomer
  • 60g Clear, Cover Pink, Natural Cover Pink, Soft Shell & 250ml Monomer

The blend of the Trilogy powder is very fine and colour stable with the flexibility and clarity to produce the perfect enhancement. Used with Trilogy Monomer you can create an enhancement that has exceptional adhesion and is self-levelling, giving you effortless workability. Due to the perfect formulation filing is a dream and not a chore making a techs life so much easier. This competition winning product is a must for nail techs of all levels.

Monomer is to compliment our range of Acrylic powders both core and colour, our Monomers are non-yellowing and designed to work perfectly with all our Acrylic Powders.

Please note, our Monomers DO NOT contain MMA.

Formulated to work perfectly with both the Coloured Acrylic range and the Core Powder range, Trilogy Monomer is non-yellowing with a flawless consistency. This competition winning product gives superior adhesion with every bead and is effortless to work with.

Tech Kit
8200 10400

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